Join the Lemeister Team

Help us accelerate the integration of cutting edge technologies and methodologies in the sports industry.

Lemeister is a diverse, talented team of experts and professionals dedicated to the same vision of revolutionizing the sports industry with cutting edge technologies and methodologies. Every person at Lemeister plays a crucial role in all our successes and we are even open to welcoming the best and brightest minds out there into our fold. Currently, we are looking to bring aboard our team;
Machine Learning Engineers
Big Data Analytics Specialists
Full Stack Web and Mobile Developers
Algorithm Developers
IoT Engineers
Deep Learning Researchers/Scientists

If you possess demonstrable and exceptional skill sets intersecting in one or more of the above positions, we’d like to hear from you!
Kindly submit your application (resume/CV, cover letter, certifications, LinkedIn Profile and a 1,000 word statement on why you’d be a fantastic addition to our team and what you envisage bringing aboard) to [email protected]

NB: We thoroughly appreciate and recognize all applications. Nevertheless, only highly qualified, entreprising and exceptional applicants will be contacted and forwarded to the next interview stage